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GNR 20 ton Brake Van

GN04-W007 8 wheeled brake van

The GNR brake van type that this model is based on  the 8 wheeled version with vertical planking. Sixty vehicles were introduced in 1913-1914 for mineral traffic. It is a versatile and interesting vehicle that will complement any layout from pre-grouping until nationalisation and beyond.
These vehicles were long lived there were still 46 in service in 1948, with some lasting into the 1960's.  GN04-W007


GN04-W007 8 wheeled brake vanGN04-W007 8 wheeled brake van

Clear, illustrated instructions

GNR D303 Full BreakOur model kits are easy to assemble without specialist skills. All our products contain clear instructions which are available for download (in PDF format) from this website.

 Read the instructions before buying and there will be no hidden surprises when you order.

We aim to make the assembly process easy. Our latest GNR kits are pre-printed with all apertures pre-cut.

The instructions include illustrations to help you make the kits. Historic information is included.

Hints and timing of the stages is included as an aid to help plan the project.

Click on this link to view an example of the instructions for our kits : PDF instructions for 4mm kit TK-GN04-D303  

Click here  TK-GN04-D303 to be taken to the product description for this kit.


New Carriage Kits

Our new GNR kits feature:

  • Pre-printed models
  • Lined GNR livery, with alternate numbers on each side for variety
  • 3D printed roofs
  • 3d printed roofs, (optionally) removable for access
  • Sturdy construction
  • The carriage carcass is made from MDF, strong and easliy assembled
  • Axleguards or bogies (as appropriate for the vehicle)
  • 3D printed axleguards or bogies are included with each model

Great Northern Carriage kits


If you prefer the older kits, these can be found in the clearance section, however the stocks are limited. The older kits will no longer be manufactured once they have been sold off and are offered at very attractive prices. There are other items in this category.

Clearance Items at reduced prices

GNR Brake Van "O" Gauge
*** Updated Model ***
This "O" gauge kit is will enhance any layout. The kit is based on a well known type produced by the Great Northern Railway for many years. Examples of this type of brake van could be found after grouping and beyond.   This model represents the horizontal planked variant of this vehicle.   This kit is not difficult to make and would make a good starter project   The assembly instructions are available here: PDF  Instructions Click on the  image or here for more information: GN07-W001
7mm ("O" gauge) Siphon O2 & O3

GW07-SO1 GWR Siphon (4 wheel)New Kits for "O"  gauge: GWR milk van "O2". and "O3"

These vehicles, were a six wheeled Milk or Fish vans. The sides were similar but the roof profile was higher on "O3".

The kit features 3D printed roof, brakeblocks and axleboxes. The main structure is made from laser cut MDF.


Follow the links for further details on both kits

GW07-SO2 GWR milk van "O2"

GW07-SO3 GWR Milk Van "O3"

7mm ("O" gauge) Siphon O1

GW07-SO1 GWR Siphon (4 wheel)I am pleased to announce the latest kit for "O" gauge of the GWR milk van "O1". This is the four wheeled version of the vehicle.

This kit features 3D printed roof, brakeblocks and axleboxes. The main structure is made from laser cut MDF.

The original vehicle was produced in several lots between 1871 and the late 1880's. There were two distinct variations with differing door profiles. Sufficient parts are provided to complete either one of the versions of the vehicles.

Follow the link for further details

GW07-SO1 GWR milk van

Carriage Bogie kits

This kit makes a set  of carriage bogies  which match our 4mm bogie coach products. These bogies permit our kits to be used on radiuses of about 2 feet (500mm) without extensive modifications to the kits.

The kit consists of 3d printed parts (random colour) and card overlays. The plastic parts are made from PLA which is environmentally friendly. The kit is readily assembled. The images show our wheel set (D3D-02 - 4 axles)  which is not included.

This kit can also be used for other projects.D3D-06 carriage bogies kit

Six Wheeled coach showing axleguardsD3D-05

LNW704 Horsebox

This 7mm scale model of an early LNWR horsebox is based on a vehicle which was the subject of an article in the LNWR Historical society journal. This included photographs and measurements of a grounded vehicle. This model is based on those measurements and other photographic material.LNW704 Horsebox (13ft 6in)LNW704 Horsebox

HO Scale Models

Following a recent request, HO scale (3.5mm to a foot)  versions of our models are being made avaialble. This will take some time, but we hope to have a good selection available soon.

At present, we have begun with GW35-SO1 GWR Milk Van (Four Wheeled).